by Team Henné <3 / 7.12.22

The Happiness Report (7.12.22)

New Study Finds People Underestimate How Much Others Appreciate Having an Old Friend Unexpectedly Reach Out

Across a series of preregistered experiments, researchers from various U.S. universities documented a robust underestimation of how much other people appreciate being reached out to.

In fact, the more surprising the "reaching out" is, the more people tend to appreciate it.

In one experiment, half of the participants were asked to recall the last time they reached out to someone in their social circle – "just because" or "just to catch up" – after a prolonged period of not interacting with them.

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Sam the Lamb is Nursed Through an Incredible Recovery After Falling off Highway Truck

A newborn lamb has been documented making an incredible recovery after falling off a speeding truck in Australia.

The youngster, named Constable Sam, fell through a gap in a vehicle travelling along a busy highway in Victoria, Australia on March 14.

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7 proven health benefits of ginger

For centuries, scientists have written extensively about ginger and its healing properties. This odd-looking root has been found to do everything from promoting healthy aging and weight loss to boosting immunity and fighting cancer. And the best part is that it’s cheap, easy to find, and simple to consume. All you need to do is add it to hot water to drink as a natural elixir, or add it to some of your stir-fries for a healthy flavor kick.

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Dad Gives Up Dream Car To Raise Step Kids, 40 Yrs Later Daughter Plans Emotional Gift

Some parents routinely sacrifice their own wants and needs in order to provide for their kids.

Janis Higgins was a child when she met the man who would become her father. Just a few weeks before he asked Janis’s mom to marry him, he made a personal sacrifice in order to be the kind of father he wanted to be for his new family; he sold his green 1973 Corvette Stingray to help pay for the expenses of now having a wife and two step-kids.

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‘Verge of death’: Man and his 14-year-old dog rescued after 6 days in the desert

Mario Castro and his 14-year-old dog are lucky to be alive after being stranded for six days in the desert.

The Arizona resident, 54, hit the road earlier this month to visit his mom in El Paso, Texas, according to NBC affiliate KPNX in Arizona. But the journey soon went awry.

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