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The Happiness Report (7.5.22)

What’s the secret to a good marriage? Couple married 79 years have the answer

June and Hubert Malicote, who are both turning 100 next month, share the recipe behind their lasting love.

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A 9-yr-old cheerleader’s veteran dad couldn't help with her routine, so a high schooler ran to her side

Addie Rodriguez was supposed to take the field with her dad during a high school football game, where he, along with other dads, would lift her onto his shoulders for a routine. But Addie's dad was halfway across the country, unable to make the event.

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This toddler tells his newborn sis how much he loves her... and it's pure poetry

Three-year-old Albie Lawrence makes a heartwarming speech about how much he loves his new baby sister.

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10-Year-Old Brothers Save Dad From Drowning In Pool

An Alabama father says it still makes him emotional to think about the day he almost drowned, but it also fills him with pride because it was his own young sons and their friend who saved him.

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Teen creates book drive for sick kids after her family's fight with cancer

It was just days before her sixteenth birthday when Emily Bhatnagar's father was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer. After spending months caring for him in between her high school classes, Emily began her own battle with serious health issues and was also hospitalized. 

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From Hangers To Post-its, This Pup Knows The Perfect Way To Get His Mom’s Attention

According to Fin’s mom, Vee Thayer, every day is an exciting adventure for her sweet pup.

He always manages to find various ways to keep himself entertained and challenged, and one of his favorites happens every time his mom takes a shower. When this happens, Fin delivers her gifts in hopes of getting her attention.

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Firefighters Came to the Rescue of a Kitten Trapped in a Walmart Pepsi Machine

A tiny, blue-eyed kitten was saved thanks to a Walmart employee who happened to hear the thing meowing from the depths of a soft drink vending machine of all places.

Lindsey Russell, who works at the Morristown, Tennessee Walmart, tried all throughout her lunch hour to rescue the animal, after hearing its cries for help from inside the store.

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