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‘Antiques Roadshow’ collector has priceless reaction to value of Sinatra letter

A woman nearly fainted when she learned the value of a very special letter she brought to “Antiques Roadshow.”

The collector, Vie Carlson, brought a typed letter signed by Frank Sinatra, which the singer wrote to a newspaper columnist at the Chicago Daily News in 1976.

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Source: TODAY

Retired pilot now uses his military aircraft to fly rescue dogs to their new families

David Tan of Middleton, Wisconsin, spent 40 years in the cockpit as a military, professional and private pilot and he’s still in the air, but now his co-pilots are mostly rescue dogs. Since 2012, he’s flown more than 360 dogs to safety as well as 23 cats, a potbelly pig and even a bat that he helped deliver to a rescue preserve.

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Baby nicknamed 'Mayor of the NICU' released from hospital after 11 months

After nearly a year of intensive care, Max Do is finally going home to meet his big sister.

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He met his biological mom for the first time; they work in the same hospital.

Benjamin Hulleberg knew from a young age that he had been adopted, but was curious about his biological mother, someone he knew only by her first name, Holly.

Meanwhile, Holly Shearer never forgot about the baby she had placed for adoption 20 years ago. She was a young teen when she made the difficult decision.

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Pup Frozen Like A Statue Can Play Fetch Again Thanks To Life-Saving Treatment

Bosley has had a rough go of it, but this tough pup was determined to get back to running around with his sister!

When SNIPSA, an animal rescue organization, saved Bosley from a litter, he was so stiff that he resembled a stuffed animal. This stiffness affected his legs, neck, and tail. Although it’s rare for dogs to experience tetanus, that’s exactly what he had, and it was greatly affecting his nervous system. 

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Kindergarteners Give Teacher Marriage Advice On Her Wedding Day

Kids say the darndest things.

Emily is a kindergarten teacher and recently tied the knot. Her maid of honors surprised her during the reception with marriage advice...from Emily's students.

"We decided to ask some of Emily's kindergarteners ... what they would give you, what advice."

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6 herbs with antiviral properties worth adding to your pantry

The pandemic has made everyone even more focused on safeguarding public health. While many cutting-edge medical advancements can help keep us safe, it’s also worth looking back on old-school methods of staying healthy, like integrating antiviral herbs into your diet and home remedies.

Here’s a list of six antiviral herbs worth adding to your home gardens and pantries.

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Source: The Optimist Daily