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The Happiness Report (5.31.22)

Sisters Find Each Other After 45 Years Apart – Living in the Same City With Sons Going to the Same School

They share the same father, are the same age, and have lived in the same city for over 30 years.

Yet, each sister was unaware of the other’s existence, having been born to different mothers separated through unfortunate circumstances 51 years ago. They’ve reunited recently, however, after a DNA test, and it’s absolutely spooky how much they have in common.

Their kids graduated on the same day from the identical high school in Las Vegas, with each sister attending the graduation and shooting videos of the ceremony from different angles.

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High schoolers step in to help after 6th grader says no one signed his yearbook

It is the time of year when kids are signing each other’s yearbooks. But what happens when no one wants to sign yours?

That happened to Brody Ridder, a sixth grader at The Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster.

“I went up to people and I asked them can you sign my yearbook and some of them were like no,” he said. 

He collected two or three names from classmates and two notes from his teachers. Brody said it made him feel “useless,” especially after a tough school year due to bullying.

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Golden Retriever Goes Paw-sitively Wild When He Sees His Favorite Toy In Human Size

Is there anything we wouldn’t do to make our dogs happy? The answer, for some of us, is a resounding “nope!”

A few years ago, Alicia Dixon of Springfield, Ohio, started making videos of her newly-adopted English Cream Golden Retriever named Charlie. Charlie lives with his three dog siblings, fellow Golden named Buddy, and Landseer Newfoundlands Daisy and Herb.

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They met over a shared diagnosis. Their love shows what’s possible for people with multiple sclerosis.

In most ways, Jaime and Bruna are an average couple. They share a love of literature, writing and music. They enjoy spending time at the beach with their dog and 5-year-old son, Francisco. Bruna affectionately refers to Jaime as “Jota”—a nickname based on the letter J in Portuguese. They have a solid network of friends and family in their small, coastal Brazilian town.

But this husband and wife team also have something more unique in common—they both have multiple sclerosis.

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83-year-old woman completes third Tough Mudder endurance race

Tough Mudder is a notoriously difficult endurance race, with participants facing climbing walls, monkey bars suspended over cold water, and a whole lot of mud.

It’d be a challenge for anyone to get past the finish line, but one that 83-year-old Mildred Wilson took in her stride.

The mother-of-one from Sikeston, Missouri, took on her third Tough Mudder 5K earlier this month, becoming the oldest person to ever complete the course.

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