by Team Henné <3 / 5.12.22

Why So Many Women Are Switching to Lip Tints

It’s official. Lip tints aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they just continue to grow in popularity. So why are so many women reaching for their lip tints way more often than lipsticks or lip stains?

No more dry lips

While some women out there are diehard fans of the matte lip, for the majority of us, it’s just too drying and damaging to our lips to use it day in and day out. As we get older, our lips (and skin) gradually get dryer, as they don’t produce as much natural oils as they once did, so lip color that dries out the lips is the last thing we want as we age.

Lip tints in general are a lot more hydrating than lipsticks as they contain less colorants and more do-good ingredients, which helps hydrate your lips instead of stripping them of moisture.

Be aware though that not all tints are created equal. Our Henné Luxury Lip Tints are carefully formulated with clean and highly effective ingredients to maximize moisturization while also keeping the ratio of colorants low. Lipsticks can contain up to 10 times as much colorants and that drastically (and negatively) affects how dry your lips feel. Doesn't soft and smooth sound better than dry and flaky?

All day, any day

Lip tints may not have the staying power of a matte lipstick but with occasional reapplication, they’ll keep your lips looking fresh and beautiful from AM to PM, not just for that occasional hour or so before the drying and color bleeding begins. Want a sheer flush of color? Apply 1-2 layers. In the mood for a stronger look? Opt for 6-8 layers instead.

You also don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear your favorite lip tint. Whether it’s a work Zoom call or a girl’s night out, lip tints are versatile and are flexible to fit your needs.

Woman applying Coral lip tint onto her lips

Effortless no-makeup makeup look

Summer’s right around the corner, and with that comes more sunshine, heat and humidity. Let your skin breathe and avoid the embarrassing “I’m sweating so much. Is my makeup running down my face?” moments by keeping it easy breezy with a lip tint and an overall simpler makeup routine…

Lips, lids, cheeks

Lip tints don’t have to be reserved only for the lips. Add a swipe to your eyelids (our faves are Blissful or Coral for a hint of shimmer) or blend some onto your cheeks for the most natural looking blush. Skip the large makeup bag next time you head to the beach or park and just grab a lip tint (or two) instead.

8 Henné lip tints with some water droplets on top


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