by Team Henné <3 / 5.10.22

The Happiness Report (5.10.22)

Their Vegas wedding wasn't going to happen. So they got married on a plane 37,000 feet in the air.

An Oklahoma City couple tied the knot at 37,000 feet while flying over Arizona.

Jeremy Salda and Pam Patterson (now Salda) had booked a chapel in Las Vegas to exchange their wedding vows on April 24, when their connecting flight on American Airlines out of Dallas was canceled after several delays due to weather.

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Source: USA Today

Research links breastfeeding and reduced rate of heart disease

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural time for bonding between mother and child. It helps the baby by giving it nourishment and stronger immunity from the mother, and it can even help the mom by reducing the risk of postpartum depression, increasing post-pregnancy weight loss, and even reducing the chances of anemia. 

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Source: The Optimist Daily

Kitten found on a farm scoots her way into people's hearts with her unstoppable will to live happy life

Merida, a tabby kitten, was 2.5 months old when she was found on a farm in desperate need of help. Jillian, the founder of FosterBabyCats (in Columbus, Ohio), rushed to her rescue.

The kitten had sustained a spinal injury (possibly by being stepped on by a large farm animal) and was not able to move her wounded back legs.

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Source: Love Meow

After Months Of Silence, Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Speaks The Most Precious Words.

Jamie Glassman recently had the opportunity to witness the beauty of the circle of life, and now she’s sharing it with all of us.

Her husband’s grandpa, who’s 94 years old, has been suffering with Alzheimer’s for a while now. By the time Jamie decided it was time to introduce him to their 6-month-old daughter, Elsa, he hadn’t spoken in months. Soon after meeting Elsa, however, that changed.

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Source: Inspire More

Why fiber helps fend off fatigue (plus energy-boosting snack suggestions)

Can’t shake the feeling of exhaustion lately? The solution might require you to take more than just a nap—it could be that you are low in certain nutrients.

When it comes to fatigue, being low in iron is usually thought to be the cause. However, there’s another nutrient that can help you fend off fatigue: fiber.

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Source: The Optimist Daily

Massive Sperm Whale Lives To Swim Another Day Thanks To Epic 20-Hr Rescue.

What started out as a normal day for a group of fishermen turned into one they’ll never forget.

Their heroic journey began when they discovered a huge sperm whale that was stuck 740 meters from the coastline of the beach. They knew they had to do something to help free the 65-foot long whale, so they immediately called their local fishery office for assistance.

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Source: Inspire More

Watch a Dog Help Teach the Baby How to Say ‘Mom’

Watch two-year-old ‘Ozzy’ becomes a teacher’s assistant, stepping up to show his baby sister Amy how to say ‘Mama’.

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Source: Good News Network