by Team Henné <3 / 5.04.22

11 Foods Your Skin Will Love

We’re all familiar with the old adage “You are what you eat”, and it still holds true today. Food is the crucial source of fuel for your body, and the types of foods you eat can also affect your skin. Some types of foods and beverages (artificial sweeteners, soda, too much dairy, refined grains, fatty meats, etc) can have a negative impact on the appearance of your skin, while others can help your skin look clearer and brighter. Read on for our list of foods that will help your skin thrive.

1. Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil not only tastes delicious in salads and a variety of dishes, but its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components help with cell regeneration, and studies show that it can also help with healing of wounds and scars.

2. Berries

Some of the tastiest ones such as blueberries, raspberries and cranberries are also excellent for skin health. Blueberries are especially powerful, as the high levels of anthocyanin and antioxidants offer UV protection and increase collagen production.


3. Avocado

Avocados, aka one of the most scrumptious foods on the planet, contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that can help soothe irritated skin, reduce breakouts and increase skin hydration. So next time you’re making a snack or are at a cafe, say yes to that avvo toast!

4. Fatty fish

Fatty fish are chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, which keep skin nourished, firm and supple. Some examples of fatty fish are salmon, anchovies, mackerel and herring.

salmon sashimi

5. Dark leafy greens

We know that not everyone’s a fan of leafy vegetables, but knowing that they’re good for your skin may be the added motivation you’ve been looking for to add more to your daily meals. Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli and chard are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (such as beta-carotene), which help fight sun damage and even out skin tone.

6. Cucumber

Did you know that cucumbers are made up of 96% water? That’s why eating cucumber is a perfect way to boost hydration, and staying hydrated = more radiant skin! Cucumbers also help the body get rid of toxins, which results in less skin irritation and overall clearer skin.

7. Yellow veggies

While they’re typically called “yellow vegetables,” orange vegetables would probably be more accurate, as some of the most nutrient-dense veggies are actually more of an orange hue. Yellow/orange vegetables are high in vitamin A, C and E which regulates skin cell growth, neutralizes free radicals and plumps the skin. Some popular yellow/orange veggies are carrots, sweet potato, squash and pumpkin.

sliced sweet potato

8. Selenium-rich foods

Most of us have probably heard of selenium at some point, but what is it really? Selenium is a trace mineral found in foods such as dairy, fish, meat and certain nuts. It’s a crucial mineral for our body function, as it helps regulate the metabolism and thyroid and can even improve fertility. Selenium is also fantastic for your skin and helps prevent acne and improve skin elasticity.

9. Green tea

The health benefits of green tea are so plentiful that we could dedicate a blog just to this topic, but we’ll narrow it down and focus on skin benefits for today. The EGCG in green tea reduces sebum production in the skin, which helps keep acne at bay, as excess sebum clogs pores and increases bacterial growth. Green tea also has wonderful anti-aging skin benefits and can diminish hyperpigmentation, sun damages and fine lines.

10. Eggs

Eggs are so nutritious and versatile; there are dozens and dozens of different ways you can cook eggs! The B-complex vitamins and lutein in eggs boost skin moisturization and can decrease the appearance of age spots.

eggs on toast

11. Greek yogurt

This healthy and nutrient-rich food is easy on the stomach and a friend to your skin. The probiotics, protein and lactic acid in greek yogurt help your skin repair itself and can help tighten/shrink pores. If greek yogurt isn’t in your fridge, now you have more than enough reason to add it to your grocery list for next week!

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