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The Happiness Report (5.3.22)

Widow Finds Late Husband’s Wedding Ring Under Apple Tree – 35 Years After He Lost It

A 90-year-old has found her late husband’s wedding ring under an apple tree—35 years after he lost it in their garden.

Ann Kendrick says Peter, who passed away 22 years ago, lost his band while working in their back garden in Looe, Cornwall in 1987.

The mother-of-seven discovered the ring on Saturday, 23 April when she was clearing around the base of an apple tree.

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Source: Good News Network

Amputee runner Jacky Hunt-Broersma sets unofficial world record with 102 marathons in 102 days, finishes at 104 marathons

As Forrest Gump in the Oscar-winning 1994 film of the same name, Tom Hanks abruptly trots to a halt after more than three years of nonstop running and tells his followers, "I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now."

Jacky Hunt-Broersma can relate. On Thursday, the amputee athlete achieved her goal of running 102 marathons in as many days, setting an unofficial women's world record.

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Source: ESPN

The world’s oldest living dog is 21. Here’s how his owner keeps him fit

When Florida resident Gisela Shore decided to adopt a dog she named TobyKeith, she had no idea that 21 years later, Guinness World Records would proclaim him the world’s "oldest dog living."

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Source: TODAY

'Avengers' make surprise visit to children's hospital

At Riley Hospital for Children in downtown Indianapolis the superheroes spread cheer and gave fist bumps.

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“That Is Love.” Horse Gallops Over To Comfort Crying Little Girl.

If you’re lucky enough to be raised around horses, you know how blessed you are.

Horses may be big, but they’re often gentle giants with unique personalities and surprising intelligence. Research shows that horses can recognize their owners and pick up on non-verbal cues humans don’t even know they’re sending. They can sense human emotions and moods and can communicate their wants and needs to both humans and other horses.

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