by Team Henné <3 / 4.19.22

The Happiness Report (4.19.22)

Firefighters Rescue Bucket Full of Tiny Ducklings After They Fell Through the Holes of a Drainage Pipe

These ducklings were so tiny, they fell through the gaps in a street’s drain cover while waddling toward an English park.

Neil McIvor was cleaning up litter with his volunteer group in Stamford, Lincolnshire, when he raised the alarm.

“We saw these ducklings in trouble after hearing them ‘cheeping’,” recalls the 53-year-old who telephoned the fire department.

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Source: Good News Network

Research Suggests Mushrooms Talk To Each Other Using Up To 50 Words

A scientist in England believes that mushrooms communicate with each other using up to 50 "words".

Previous research has suggested that fungi conduct electrical impulses through long, underground filamentous structures called hyphae.

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A WWII veteran lost everything in a fire. His neighbors are helping him rebuild

A World War II veteran who lost his home in a fire has the backing of his community — as well as people he's never met — as he tries to rebuild his life.

Paul Roberts, 94, escaped to safety, but found himself without a place to live when his house in Ship Bottom, New Jersey, burned down last month.

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Source: TODAY

15 Canine Goofballs Who Have Us Laughing Out Loud

Dogs are natural comedians.

No matter how badly our day is going, canines have a knack for bringing some much-needed smiles and laughter into our lives. Even the toughest, most disciplined pup has moments of sheer comedic genius. Here are 15 pictures that make us certain we could technically live without dogs… but why would we ever do that?!

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Deputy Uses Own Vehicle To Stop Wrong-Way Driver, Saving Lives

A sheriff's deputy in Colorado bravely put himself in harms way for the safety of other drivers.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office shared photos of the damage caused by a driver going the wrong way on the interstate.

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Source: Sunny Skyz