by Team Henné <3 / 3.29.22

The Happiness Report (3.29.22)

'The Best Things Come In Small Packages': Family Surprises Dad With A Special Gift

A family in Spain surprised Dad with the trip of his dreams, to Venice, Italy.

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Source: Sunny Skyz

Mom's reaction to son's bar exam results goes viral

When Omarr Rambert checked his results for the California bar exam results, his hands were shaking. But upon seeing he passed, it was his mom's reaction that took the cake.

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Source: CBS

New treatment non-surgically shatters kidney stones

If you’ve ever had to painfully pass kidney stones, or if you’ve heard the horrors of others’ experiences and are terrified of having to go through it yourself, then this advancement published in the Journal of Urology about a new non-invasive method to treat patients with kidney stones is sure to pique your interest.

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Source: The Optimist Daily

Cuteness Alert! Little Boy Gets Choked Up Holding Baby Sister For 1st Time.

Some people seem to have been born to love and nurture others! Mom Ali Retelle recently welcomed a new baby girl to their family, and when her toddler son met her, it was definitely love at first sight! Thankfully for us, Ali captured the adorable first meeting on camera.

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Cat Walks Up to People and Asks Them to Take Him Home After Roaming Outside for Weeks

A cat walked up to people and asked them to take him home after roaming outside for weeks.

Earlier this month, Little Wanderers NYC, an animal rescue in New York, was contacted about a cat abandoned in an industrial parking lot in the Bronx. A kind worker came across the friendly stray one day and started feeding him.

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Source: Love Meow

Crowd hushes for a blind basketball player to hear the basket—then goes wild when she makes it

It's a common belief that disabilities make it impossible to do certain things. Sometimes that's true—but not nearly as often as people might assume. With the right support and accommodations, people with all manner of disabilities can participate in far more activities than society expects.

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Source: Upworthy

101-year-old man finally receives his high school diploma

While Merrill Cooper had completed his coursework, his mother could not afford to buy the document. In surprise ceremony in Jersey City, Cooper was finally given the diploma he worked so hard to earn.

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Source: GMA