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The Happiness Report (3.22.22)

She became a model in retirement— redefining what beauty and fulfillment really look like

Why should we view growing older as the end of all new experiences? What if we gave ourselves permission to view the later part in life as an adventure, equally as exciting and full of opportunities as our younger years?

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A Dog Presumed Dead In An Avalanche Is Found Alive Days Later

A dog presumed to have died in an avalanche is home safe after spending days in the frigid cold mountains.

A skier and snowboarder both survived an avalanche in Chaffee County, Colorado, last week.

"The second skier down triggered an avalanche, which then washed over the snowboarder," said Brian Lazar, the deputy director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

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World War II veteran, 99, becomes a children’s author after buying his first computer at 95

A 99-year-old World War II has become a children's author and is about to publish his third book after buying his first computer four years ago. 

Sam Baker, a grandfather from Scottsdale, Arizona, served in the Marine Corps for nearly five years after enlisting in 1942 at age 19, four months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 

In 1947, he started working at the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, which is now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

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15 Magnificently Absurd Pictures Of Birds With Arms To Make Your Day

Of all the running jokes on the internet, birds with arms never fails to make us laugh.

In case you’ve never come across these silly images, the concept is pretty simple. Either a photo is edited to make a bird look like it has human arms, or a drawing is made of a bird who, again, has human arms. There’s a whole group dedicated to it on Reddit with 930K members, and it’s full of the best examples of the phenomenon — take a look for yourself below!

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Man Rescues Pregnant Woman Trapped In Car, Reunite 2 Years Later

The last time Alena Spichak saw Joe Ader, he was kicking in the windshield of her SUV, precariously perched along the banks of the frigid Spokane River. Within a few minutes, Joe pulled Alena, who was 36 weeks pregnant, out of the car and up to a rock on the nearby hillside where they waited for help. Now, two years later, the strangers have reunited, bonding over the day Joe saved Alena’s life.

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