by Team Henné <3 / 1.9.22

34 Fun and Random Henné Facts

Henné Facts

How old is Henné?
6.5 years old

Where is the Henné HQ?
Wilmington, North Carolina

How many different ingredients do we use in our products (total)?

How many different places have we shipped to?
USA: 3,036 cities and all 50 states
Worldwide: 3,314 cities and 40+ countries

What does “Henné” mean?
“Henne” with out the accent on the E means “her” in Swedish

What was the first Henné product?
The Luxury Lip Balm (jar)

How often should you exfoliate your lips?
3-4x per week (if your lips are sensitive, opt for 2x per week)

Our most popular fall/winter lip tint colors?
Bare, Desire, Intrigue, Muse

Our most popular spring/summer colors?
Azalea, Bare, Sunlit

Henne Hq + Henné Team Facts

How many boxes can be folded in a day?

How many jars can get labeled in a day?

How many lip tint tubes are pulled from molds in a day?

What product smells the strongest/leaves the longest lasting scent during/after production?
Lavender Mint

What snacks are kept at the office at all times?
Bananas, protein bars, rice cakes, 2 bite cookies, spicy pub mix (but we had to stop bringing it because we/aka Laura can’t control herself around it)

What snack gets eaten the quickest?
Plantain chips

Fun Fact:
We usually eat lunch outside every day for some daily natural Vitamin D

What time does the work day start?

The most played song at Henné?
Doses & Mimosas

Funny memory:
One time the crew listened to the same song for 48 minutes straight before they realized it

Average amount of water we drink in a day
A gallon per person

How many times Laura tries to talk to Axel from another room and then realizes he’s not even there
At least 5 times a day

How often do we spill coffee or water here?

Weirdest thing someone at work brought for lunch?
A raw potato that one of us attempted to cook in the microwave for over 20 minutes. Turned out delicious though!

Do we have assigned parking spots?
Yes, assigned and enforced by ourselves. We never take each other’s spots.

Go-to work outfit for production?
Athletic shorts with a shirt - as comfy as can be

What are the most used Henné product(s) while the girls are hard at work?
V2 balm and hand cream because we wear gloves and wash our hands regularly

Most used product by the Henné crew at home?
Lip Serum

What day of the week goes by the slowest?

What day of the week goes by the fastest?
Monday (surprisingly)

How long does it take us to clean the lip tint molds?
1 hour on average

Random essentials needed for the work day
Pocket hanky, neck fan, pocket pens, and v2

The most used word at work?
It’s a tie between “oop” and “gulp”

Favorite group activity?
Taking out the trash (not sure why but we all love it!)

Some of the best work pranks?
Removing the rolling feet from Axel’s office chair.
Tying one sleeve of each lab coat into a knot and watching the girls struggle to put the lab coats on.
Taping a printed image of the Pennywise clown from “It” inside the coffee machine lid and hearing Laura scream bloody murder in the morning.
Putting a fart cushion on random chairs and waiting for someone to sit on them.