by Team Henné <3 / 12.21.21

The Happiness Report (12.21.21)

“risk Everything.” How 1 Small Decision Sparked A Movie-worthy Romance

“What small decision did you make that altered the entire course of your life?”

Most of us probably have at least something small that we’ve done that changed our lives. Maybe sitting next to a random person on the bus gained you a friend, or maybe accidentally buying a new brand of hand cream fixed your chronically dry skin. Yet few people can say that one small choice led to a romance plucked directly from the plot of a movie.

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Everything Scared This Puppy Until He Started Making Friends At The Dog Park

Rescue puppy who was scared of dogs refused to go outside — now he paws at his harness to let his mom know it's time for the dog park.

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'my Life Kind Of Turned Around And Changed Overnight' Says Ups Driver After Act Of Kindness

A UPS driver stopped after delivering a package in the middle of his busy shift to wish the parents of a newborn baby boy well.

That simple act of kindness has now led to a lifelong friendship.

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Mom Meets 911 Operator Who Helped Deliver Her Baby

A 911 operator in Philadelphia and the woman she coached through childbirth over the phone met for the first time Tuesday on TODAY.

Charlotte Fatoma went into labor while driving herself to the hospital last month, prompting her to call 911, where dispatcher Elyce Rivera — only four weeks into her job — picked up the phone. Rivera guided Fatoma through the delivery as she sat in the car on the side of the highway.

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Nearly 70% Of Americans Are More Excited To Give Gifts Than To Receive Them This Year

As families look to reconnect with their loved ones during this winter’s festivities, two-thirds agree that spending quality time with family is the highlight of their holiday season.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minted, asked 2,005 Americans to pinpoint what makes the season so joyful.

Not only are 68% more eager to give than receive, 57% look forward to giving more gifts this year and have added more names than usual to their shopping lists.

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