by Team Henné <3 / Dec 16, 2021


Red mailbox that says Letters to Santa

’Tis the season for joy, gratitude, love, and togetherness. Despite some uncertainties in the world, there is still so much goodness out there and plenty to be grateful for. Most of this can be found in simple moments and pleasures in our daily lives. Read below for lots of pure, simple, blissful moments that enhance the holiday season as well as life in general!

1. Sipping that first sip of coffee or tea in the morning
2. Getting smiled at by a stranger on the street
3. Taking a deep breath of fresh air
4. Opening a package that arrived earlier than expected
5. Eating your favorite dessert at the end of a meal (or at the beginning of the meal, whatever you like!)
6. Watching snowflakes fall from the sky
7. Walking into a cafe and smelling the strong aroma of coffee and baked goods
8. Taking a bath/shower after a long day
9. Getting dressed up and ready for a night out
10. Snuggling up in the covers for a few extra precious moments in the morning
11. Listening to a Christmas playlist
12. Squeezing someone you love after being away from them
13. Taking your shoes off at the end of the day
14. Finally getting out that one piece of popcorn kernel from in between your teeth
15. Hearing the birds singing in the morning
16. Applying Henné products to chapped lips
17. Giving gifts to loved ones and seeing their reaction when they open them
18. Blasting the music and having a live concert in the shower
19. Wiping the sweat from your forehead after a satisfying workout
20. Getting gas and leaving with a full tank and endless possibilities
21. Accomplishing a goal (big or small)
22. Drinking water when you’re really thirsty
23. Feeling the wind in your face while driving with the windows open
24. Hearing your favorite song on the radio or at a concert
25. Getting complimented
26. Licking the leftover brownie batter from the spoon
27. Feeling the sand in between your toes on the beach
28. Finding a pair of shoes that fit just right
29. Mailing out Xmas cards
30. Showing up prepared for an important meeting
31. Opening a fresh bag of your favorite sweet or savory snack
32. Remembering to bring a sweater to a cold restaurant
33. Snuggling a soft pet
34. When the washer and dryer are perfectly synced and on the same time schedule
35. Attending a winter market and trying out all the handmade goodies
36. Opening the windows in the morning to let the natural light shine in
37. Driving through only green traffic lights on the way to work
38. Running into a friend out and about
39. Dancing in the rain
40. Finally buying that expensive item you've been saving up for
41. Parallel parking in the right spot on the first try
42. Snuggling up in the living room with a cup of hot chocolate (and extra marshmallows)
43. Laying down to sleep and falling asleep right away
44. Receiving a considerate piece of mail
45. Baking gingerbread cookies on a cold day
46. Lighting scented candles
47. Making snow angels or a snowman
48. Getting into the shower when the water temperature is perfect
49. Finally eating that meal you've been craving for a week
50. Watching your favorite Christmas movie
51. Helping your child or niece/nephew write a letter to Santa
52. Remembering an umbrella on a rainy day
53. Having a fully stocked fridge
54. Opening a new sponge for the kitchen sink
55. Scratching that itch that’s been hard to reach
56. When the mains and side dishes at a restaurant are ready at the same time
57. Knowing all the words to a song and being able to sing along